Prepare for the BRM

1. BRM2021 Key Updates

No major changes were made for BRM2021. Small edits to language or consolidation of questions were done to improve the clarity of the assessment.

2. Set Up The BRM

As a first step to starting the Higg BRM, ensure that each of the following steps has been completed before starting the assessment.

  1. Add any colleagues or team members who will assist in the module completion process. This can be done from the ‘My Team’ tab in your Higg account. Review full guidance here.

  2. Purchase an All Access Subscription level that meets your organization’s needs, or a BRM Annual Subscription. Review full guidance here.

3. Prepare For BRM Completion

Once the account is fully set up, the next step is to prepare to complete the module. This includes engaging with employees, collecting data and documents, and more to ensure that you are prepared to answer all the required questions in the Higg BRM.   

  • Important Note Before You Get Started – The Higg BRM is NOT a pass/fail assessment, rather it is a tool that helps companies identify opportunities to improve. When in doubt about whether your answer qualifies as “Yes,” it is recommended to take a more conservative approach and answer “Partial Yes” or “No” where applicable. When you have selected “Yes” to a question, you should provide as much supporting information as possible in the sub-questions and file upload. Companies should be honest and transparent when completing assessments.
  • Understand time requirements: The time required to complete the Higg BRM will vary depending on how much of the required data and information you have already collected prior to starting the module and how many colleagues you will have to engage. We estimate the full module will take between 4-6 weeks to complete. The system will allow you to save your responses, which you can revisit at any point.
  • Review Getting Started documents: We recommend starting with a review of the Getting Started Guide, Data Collection Guide and the How to Higg Guidance.
    • Getting Started Guide explains the process of getting yourself and your team members prepared for the module.
    • Data Collection Guide provides a high level overview to understand what type of information and documentation to collect prior to completing the tool. The more information collected in this stage, the easier the tool will be to fill out. Use this list as a guide to the type of information to collect rather than a checklist where every item must be checked off.
    • How to Higg Guidance and supporting resources supports companies in their understanding of the questions within the assessment.

Engaging colleagues: Make sure that you have engaged the relevant staff to help complete the various sections of the BRM. Below is a checklist of suggested personnel that you can engage to get the most accurate information for each section.