General Webinar Recordings

General Webinar Recordings

Higg General Onboarding Webinar

Category: Higg General Onboarding Webinar
Organised by: Higg
Target Audience: All Higg Users
Date: February 17, 2022

What will this resource help with: This webinar introduces the Higg Index suite of tools and the Higg platform.

In This Webinar, We Will Talk About: 

  • Higg Index, Higg and the SAC
  • Higg Facility Tools
  • Higg Management Tools
  • Higg Product Tools
  • Higg Brand Tool
  • Platform Demo 


  • This webinar will teach users about the history of the Higg Index and cover each of the tools, including our Facility, Brand and Product tools and our additional Management tools. We also do a live demo of the Higg platform and how to navigate each tool.


  • Hannah Seabury, Customer Success Manager, Higg