1. Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP)

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Learn more about the relationship between SLCP and Higg FSLM here.

2. Facility Social Labor Module (FSLM)

What is the difference between the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP) and Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) ?

The SLCP is an independent multi-stakeholder program which has developed the Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) (this includes a Data Collection Tool and verification methodology) as well as data hosting and sharing process.

SAC is one of the Accredited Hosts (AH). We are approved by the SLCP to store SLCP assessment data on their platform and provide additional data analytics and sharing services to users such as brands, standard holders, and manufacturers.

Facilities are able to complete a self/joint-assessment and the verification of that assessment through the Higg.org platform. The SLCP’s Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) is available on Higg.org platform and is found through the Higg Facility Social & Labor Module.

What is the difference between this SLCP converged assessment framework and the Higg FSLM?

Since 2018, the SAC has replaced its own proprietary tool Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (FSLM) by using the Converged Assessment Framework as the backbone of the updated Higg FSLM.

SAC believes that the apparel & footwear industry should converge and harmonize efforts through the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP) Converged Assessment Framework in order to reduce the number of social and labor audits. This eliminates audit fatigue, enables data comparison, and frees up resources for improvement programs.

The Social & Labour Convergence Program question sets are incorporated into the updated Higg FSLM and the verification methodology developed by the S&L Convergence Prgram is now valid for Higg FSLM.

Is the SLCP tool the same as Higg FSLM? If it is the same, why do I need to purchase Higg FSLM?

See previous answer. In October 2019, SAC started to pilot the scoring methodology for the Higg FSLM. The scoring is specific to the Higg Index and not available in SLCP gateway or other accredited hosts. We released a scored version of the Higg FSLM CAF 1.3 in 2020.

SLCP data can only be completed as a self-assessment and verified on an accredited host platform (e.g. higg.org). Therefore the first step for a facility to take is to purchase a Higg FSLM self-assessment on higg.org. So far as now, verified modules are available for purchase only for factories located in some countries/regions.

What is the difference between Higg FSLM and Higg vFSLM?

Higg FSLM is the Facility Social Labor Module self-assessment version, and vFSLM is the verified version of the FSLM self-assessment. Only the vFSLM can be transferred between Higg.org and the SLCP Gateway.

Is Higg FSLM scored?

Yes, for FSLM CAF 1.3 version. The FSLM CAF 1.4 scoring system will be released later of 2021. 

Will the Higg FSLM be completely aligned with the latest version of the SLCP tool?

Yes. SLCP is working closely with the accredited hosts to make sure that the latest version of the tool is integrated with their systems.

What languages is Higg FSLM available in?

Higg FSLM CAF 1.4 are currently available in English and Chinese. The other languages will be coming soon. However, please note that all responses within the tool must be completed in English.

Why can’t I buy a vFSLM? When can I buy it?

More information: https://www.sumerra.com/programs/slcp/active-vb-list/

Therefore only factories located in these countries can access and purchase a vFSLM. Verification will be expanding to other countries in 2020. As the SLCP expands their verification program into other countries, the SAC will continue to update our vFSLM purchasing availability in the added locations.

SLCP is currently available in the following countries / regions:

  • Africa: Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Tunisia
  • Americas: Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, USA
  • Asia: China, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand
  • Europe: Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey

After the launch of CAF v1.4 in April 2021, SLCP will also be available in:

  • Africa: South Africa
  • Americas: Canada
  • Asia: Japan, Singapore
  • Europe: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands,  Russia, Serbia, United Kingdom, Ukraine

SLCP is also already available for facilities that are not eligible for the ILO-BetterWork program in the following countries / regions:

  • Asia: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam

SLCP will fully roll-out in these countries in May / June 2021. Additionally, we will launch in Pakistan in May. SLCP will become available in other ILO-BetterWork countries in Q3 2021 / 2022 (TBC).

Please refer to SLCP gateway website: https://gateway.slconvergence.org/home

What is the deadline for completing Higg FSLM? Is it the same deadline for Higg FEM?

Higg FSLM should be completed once every 12 months. This module is on a “rolling cycle” meaning there is no deadline and the assessment can be completed at any time throughout the year. The SAC encourages its members and users to follow the same timeline as Higg FEM, to post their modules by June 30th. The consistent timeline encourages streamlined planning and reporting.

Why do I have to pay for a verification fee if I purchase a vFSLM?

SAC charges a fee for Higg.org platform access and support when you purchase a vFSLM.  SLCP charges a verification fee to cover verification program management. This fee is captured by verifiers as a part of their verification fee.

How will SLCP feed into the FSLM. Since SAC is one of the accredited hosts, will there be a direct link?

Users on Higg.org will be able to import data from the SLCP gateway if they completed their assessment on a different accredited host platform and share with their business partners that are on Higg.org           

A facility would require to purchase a vFSLM on the Higg.org platform so that the data can be transferred from the SLCP gateway into the Higg.org platform. Facilities will also be able to push their Higg FSLM data to the SLCP Gateway and share with other accredited host platforms. All facilities that plan to complete Higg FSLM will need to create an account on the SLCP gateway: gateway.slconvergence.org

Can Higg FSLM be verified on SLCP gateway?

No. Higg FSLM can only be verified on an approved accredited host platform (e.g. Higg.org). To verify a Higg FSLM, a vFSLM must be purchased before the verification starts. Please note that verification (vFSLM) is only available in many countries. Click here to learn more. 

In order to verify Higg FSLM in China, do Higg FSLM verifiers have to be approved or qualified? Can Higg FEM verifiers also verify Higg FSLM?

The verifiers for FSLM will have to be approved by SLCP through their verification process.

Only SLCP approved verifiers can conduct an SLCP/FSLM verification and produce a valid verified assessment report. Approved Higg FEM verifiers that are interested to also become an approved verifier for FSLM should apply through the SLCP :

More information : https://slcp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002174513-FAQ-Verifiers

What functions are available for FSLM on higg.org?

You can link your SLCP gateway facility ID to start your Higg FSLM module. Once started you will be able to complete, post, share, and request to share your Higg FSLM module. You are able to track any shared Higg FSLM modules and import/export the module. You can also submit your completed FSLM for verification if you are located in the SLCP 2019 operation countries/areas and have purchased the vFSLM. 

Where can I find Higg FSLM training guidance?

All training materials have been posted here. All these materials are also posted in the resource section of https://slcp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us.

If my FSLM is completed and verified on another accredited host platform, like FFC, can I share my FSLM data on higg.org?

Yes. If your SLCP assessment is completed and verified on another accredited host platform, you can transfer it to Higg.org via the SLCP Gateway. You will need to purchase a vFSLM on higg.org in order to import and share your assessment with your business partners. You should go to your SLCP gateway account and choose to link SAC/Higg Co. Then you will need to purchase a vFSLM. Go to the FSLM tab in higg.org and click “transfer SLCP” to purchase. Then you can see the vFSLM data in your FSLM module page. 

How do I start my Higg FSLM on higg.org?

If you only plan to complete the Higg FSLM self-assessment, you don’t need to create any accounts in SLCP gateway and link it with Higg.org. You just need to have your account created in Higg.org. Login to your Higg.org account and go to the FSLM tab. Click “purchase Higg FSLM” , then you can start to work on your Higg FSLM.

For step by step guidance please click here.

Do I need to pay to register on the SLCP gateway?

No. Registration on the SLCP Gateway is free.

3. Law Guidance (Country Law Overlay in SLCP)

What is the Law Guidance in SLCP? 

The Law Guidance is a new feature of the Social & Labor Convergence Program’s Converged Assessment Framework. It is a guide that outlines information about international labor standards, national laws, and ILO norms. The Law Guidance determines a facility’s compliance with these legal standards.

Why is the Law Guidance important?

The Law Guidance raises awareness of legal requirements for a facility. It ensures that laws and labor standards are consistently followed and that areas of non-compliance are noted so they may be addressed.

Where is the Law Guidance available? 

The Law Guidance is available for Step 1 of the CAF in Better Work program countries. Facilities in those countries have access to the national Law Guidance. It is also available via the Higg platform in Bangladesh. It will be available in Indonesia and Vietnam later this year.

Who can use the Law Guidance? 

Stakeholders including facilities, brands, retailers and verifiers can use the Law Guidance to understand legal compliance at a facility.

How can a facility use the Law Guidance? 

Facilities can view the Law Guidance directly in the FSLM assessment interface on the Higg.org platform. However, the Law Guidance is not able to show in the offline excel file of FSLM.

How can verifiers use the Law Guidance?

Once the verification of FSLM starts, the verifiers will be able to access facilities’ vFSLM and view the law guidance for the related questions on our platform.

4. ILO Better Work

Here you can learn more about ILO Better Work. 

5. Training

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