Facility Subscription FAQ

In September 2021, we’re introducing a simpler way to access facility tools to provide better value to our facility users. Our new facility subscriptions meet facilities where they are in their sustainability journey and provide them with everything they need for a reporting period, available for a single annual fee. Instead of purchasing individual modules, multiple assessments, and verification services throughout the year, facility users can now purchase a year’s worth of tools at once.

We’re introducing three new subscription plans for facility users: Facility Starter, Facility Environmental, and Facility Plus.

  Facility Starter
  Take the first step and begin measuring your environmental impact with this
  foundational assessment.
  Facility Environmental
  Get a complete look at your environmental impact, to support buyer requirements.
  Facility Plus
  Understand your entire impact – across environmental and social – with features
  for sharing data, comparing performance to benchmarks, and exporting for deeper

Higg meets your facility’s sustainability needs, wherever you are on your journey. If you’re interested in enhancing your sustainability efforts, you can now purchase subscriptions of comprehensive tools and services to set your company up for sustainability leadership, for a single annual fee.

Higg is committed to delivering the best possible experience and value to its users. We are introducing new facility subscriptions to make it easier for facilities to purchase assessments, navigate the Higg platform more smoothly, and gain access to the tools and services they need for a single annual fee.

The verification module fees for vFEM and vFSLM support more than the verification program; they support the SAC’s ongoing content and methodology development of the Higg Index tools (Higg FEM, FSLM, BRM, MSI, and PM) in addition to all verification protocols (Higg FEM, BRM, and transparency). Higg receives the revenue for FEM, FSLM, and BRM self-assessments and the SAC receives revenue for Higg vFEM and vFSLM (minus processing fees to Higg and SLCP).

The price for FEM 2020 and FSLM 2020 is increasing because you’re gaining access to all the features in the new “Plus” subscription plan. This includes features for sharing data, comparing performance to benchmarks, and exporting data for deeper analysis.

The new subscriptions do not include a verification module fee. You can pay your Sustainable Apparel Coalition verification module fee starting November 2021. Your facility will separately pay fees for the onsite/offsite verification to the Verifier Body.

The SAC has built verification programs for Higg FEM, Higg BRM, and the Higg Transparency Program to ensure that the data provided and shared through the tools/program is consistent, comparable, credible, trusted, and therefore able to be communicated publicly.

The verification program framework includes:

  • Verification protocols, which govern how a verification should be conducted
  • Verification guidance, which outlines what should be verified in a particular tool/assessment
  • Verifier application criteria and process, which defines eligibility of verifier bodies and individuals to get approved to conduct verifications
  • Quality assurance process to ensure consistency between verifications conducted across the program

More information about the verification programs can be found on howtohigg.org.

You can purchase the verification fee from November 1, 2021 on the subscription page. Once you pay for the fee, you will be able to start the verification process.

We’ll offer discounts of at least 10% through the end of the year. The earlier you buy your subscription, the better price you’ll get.

Yes, for the 2020 reporting period you may still purchase a single 2020 FEM or vFEM through October 31 or a single FSLM or vFSLM through December 31. For the next reporting period (2021), you must purchase one of the new subscription plans, the new way to purchase FEM and FSLM.

Yes. If you completed your facility social assessment on another accredited host’s platform, such as Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC), you can transfer your assessment to the Higg platform with the purchase of an FSLM transfer. Review the guidance on how to transfer an FSLM here.

The bulk CSV export and benchmarking feature are benefits available to users that purchase the Facility Plus package. All accounts will retain access to these features through the end of the year. To continue to access these features after November, we encourage you to upgrade your subscription to Plus.

The bulk CSV download provides users with a file download of all the answers submitted to the facility assessments. With this download, you can closely review the social and environmental data you submitted while completing FEM and FSLM.

The benchmarking feature shows how your facility’s environmental performance compares to other facilities of similar size and location. The benchmarking feature can help you contextualize your performance and explore possible opportunities of improvement in the seven key FEM assessment categories.

The roll forward feature can move relevant data from last year’s assessment to this year. It will save users’ time and increase the efficiency of completing the FEM modules. It is available in all the plans: Starter, Environmental, and Plus.

Yes, new facilities have the option to complete Facility Foundations. The goal of Facility Foundations is to advance to FEM after the first year. After you’ve completed Facility Foundations once, you must advance to FEM.

There are various levels of work associated with each verified assessment, leading to a price difference. Additionally, $50 from the vFSLM fee is remitted to SLCP.

Subscriptions are for a given calendar year reporting period. The duration of the subscription is 12 months from the date of purchase, or until the end of the reporting period, whichever is longer.

To upgrade your plan, visit the subscriptions page on the Higg platform.

Some new features you can anticipate in the coming months include more robust and easier to use data analytics and the expansion of transparency claims. The price increase also reflects the continuous investment Higg makes to the platform. From platform translations in 9 languages, daily support services, and streamlined data sharing, we’re making it easier for all users to navigate the Higg platform.

Yes, the new subscriptions streamline and clarify the options available, making it easier for your value chain partners to select and purchase the tools they need to align with your SAC membership requirements. We’re working to make it easier for all value chain partners to access the tools, services, and data they need, and to support you in meeting SAC membership requirements. Higg is a strategic partner of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Not only do we want to show our support of the SAC membership requirements, this is a core objective of our work.

Yes, over time, we will introduce subscription options for all the Higg tools and services.

Starting in early 2022, you must purchase a subscription to continue to access your Higg data. If you are an SAC member, you can access your Higg data continously as long as pay for your SAC membership fee annually.

Future changes in Higg subscription prices will not change at this same magnitude. However, we will continue to review prices of Higg subscriptions regularly.

No, this subscription model is changed for facility accounts. It doesn’t impact brand or other type of accounts, such as verification bodies, vendor/sourcing agents. You still can access the modules or features as before. If you are a Basic service level account, not an Essential or above service level account, you will still need to purchase share ($198/share) to receive and access your facilities’ shared modules. If you are an SAC member brand account, you won’t need to purchase any shares.

We will have this feature back on our platform and it will be enabled in late November 2021.

We will have this feature back on our platform and it will be enabled in late November 2021.

No, the new subscription plans do not affect the SAC reporting period or custom reporting periods (cadences).

If you subscribe before the end of the year, you can share with an unlimited number of partners.

To purchase FEM, select the Facility Environmental or Facility Plus subscription plan. The Facility Plus plan includes the most comprehensive subscription, including access to FSLM and features such as benchmarking, bulk CSV download, and FEM Communication Toolkit.