Introduction to Higg

Higg’s software tools gather and organize primary data from each step of your value chain, so that your business can understand – and improve – its impact. 

We’ve organized our tools into three categories:


Utilizing the Higg Index methodologies developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Higg’s measurement tools help you gather accurate impact data about materials and product design; about environmental and social impact at facilities; and the environmental impact of your brand and retail operations. 


Higg’s data management tools organize your performance and impact data, to help develop actionable insights about your value chain. Our analytics tool surfaces insights quickly about supplier performance in key areas, and provides benchmarks with similar factories in your industry. Additionally, our data management tools allow you to track assessment completion by factory partners.


Lastly, Higg’s transparency and reporting capabilities provide seamless ways to communicate your sustainability performance to partners, stakeholders, and customers. Users can generate data-backed product-level environmental claims, or publish verified reports on performance.