Step-by-Step Instructions


Once you have activated your BRM

  1. Click on the “BRM” tab at the top of the page
  2. Select “Edit/View BRM”


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BRM home page dashboard information review

  • Purchasing module button: to purchase the module
  • Available Actions: the actions you can do based on your current status
  • Module status: your current module status and completion rate
  • Facility information: brand’s basic information
  • View: you can click “View/Edit BRM” to access your BRM online
  • Download assessment: download the Excel file to complete the BRM offline or download a CSV file
  • Activity history: all the previous actions happened
  • Results reports: score, critical issues and opportunities report

BRM online module

  • RefID: a code unique to each question
  • Document upload: click the paperclick emoticon to attach a supporting document

Completing the Higg BRM Online

  • You must complete the BRM in English.
  • After clicking the “View/Edit BRM” button, the first time you open your module, you will automatically start with the “Company Profile” section. You will need to complete this section first before moving on to other sections of the module as it impacts the questions in the rest of the module.
  • You can quickly and easily navigate between the different sections of the module using the navigation on the left side of the page. Click on the arrow to expand each category and view the environmental and social/labor subsections, then click to navigate to the desired section.

  • You can see your overall progress (questions answered) in completing your module at the top of the left-side panel.

  • You can click “Additional Filters” on the top bar to filter the assessment. You can filter based on answered or unanswered questions, and by each subsection. You can also select multiple filters at once to narrow the questions down further.

  • You can also choose to hide the guidance tips in the tool.

Rules of Completing the BRM

1. Completing the applicability questions

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  • The three applicability questions in the Company Profile Section will determine which sections are relevant for your brand. A “yes” answer expands this section for your brand to provide further details.

2. Completion Index

  • You achieve a 95% completion rate so you are able to submit and post your BRM. You can check your completion rate on the home page or in the assessment.

Posting Modules

All applicable questions must be answered in order to post your module and you must make sure that your completion rate is over 95% so you can post the BRM.

  • Once you have answered all the required questions, you be able to click the button to “Submit/Post Assessment” in the left blue bar. You must make sure that your completion rate is over 95% so you can post the BRM.
  • Or you can see the “Submit/Post Assessment” option on the BRM home page.
  • Once posted, the BRM status will move from ASI (Assessment in progress) to ASC (Assessment Completed). Under this status, you can’t unpost and edit it. If you need to edit it, please contact the Higg Index Support team to request for editing –
  • Assessment status is reflected in the BRM home page under “my module”.

Posting your module locks all your responses and allows your existing account connections to view your posted module. Connections cannot view your module until the module is posted. Once you post the module, you can no longer edit and unpost your BRM. Please use caution, thoroughly review your work and ensure you are ready to share your assessment prior to posting it.

Training and Support

For complete guidance on how to accurately respond to every question in the BRM, please review the BRM Guidance below.

  • The BRM Guidance provides information for every question in the BRM. The guide will explain:
    • The intent of the question (what is the purpose of the question?)
    • Technical guidance
    • How this question will be verified (when BRM verifications becomes available in the future)
    • Helpful resources

Additional training materials about the Higg BRM content and structure can be found here.