BRM Step-by-Step Instructions

Process Guide for Verifiers

1. Before Starting

  • Verifying body (VB) account set up and approved verifier joining the VB account in
  • The Verifying Body (VB) must create your organization account in
  • The VB makes sure to choose the account type as “Verification Body” and organization type as “Service Provider”.
  • The VPM will enable the verification functionality for your account. Please refer to the account registration guidance here.

All approved verifiers must be invited to (or join) the existing VB account. If the verifier wants to join the VB account, please refer to the guidance here. If the VB owner/admins want to invite a verifier to its account and set up roles (admin/editor/reviewer), please refer to the guidance here.

2. Verifier Body assigns Verifiers for a Verification

3. Verifier accesses the vBRM

  • Go to the Higg BRM section, click “Modules.” Click the “My Verifications” tab. You will see the new assigned BRM verification and the vBRM status is ASC.
  • Click the “View” to access the brand’s Higg vBRM. This will allow the verifier to conduct the verification online.
  • When the VB accepts the share request, this should grant the verifier access to the module as well. There may be cases in which the share request is not accepted. If the accept share button indicates “Pending share approval,” you can click this button to access the module.

4. Begin Verification

  • Click “View” for the vBRM on the module sharing page. Verifier can  access the assigned vBRM online.
  • Click the “Begin Verification” button at the bottom of the left navigation column. The Higg BRM assessment status will change from ASC (Assessment Complete) to VRP (Verification in Progress).
  • If you don’t see the “Begin Verification” button, you might want to check the vBRM module status. It might be the ASI (Assessment Initiative) not ASC, which means that the brand hasn’t submitted their BRM for verification yet. So you need to contact the brand and ask them to submit the BRM for verification.

Before conducting the verification at a brand, the verifier must confirm:

  1. Their account is set up on
  2. They can access the shared Higg BRM
  3. They can see the “Begin Verification” button on the BRM assessment

If any of these is not accessible, please contact the SAC Support team to fix the issue before the verification starts.

5. Conduct the Verification online

Verifier can start the verification after clicking the “Begin Verification” button.

Verifying each question in each section.

  • Select “Accurate/Inaccurate/No-response” in the dropdown list for each question in the Higg BRM verification based on the actual situation for each question.
  •  Accurate: green. When you choose this selection, it means that the brand’s original response is correct. It is not mandatory to provide verifier comments for accurate questions.
  • Inaccurate: red. When you choose this selection, it means that the brand’s original response is incorrect. You MUST correct the response and provide verifier comments for all inaccurate questions. Otherwise, you can’t complete and submit the verification. You must keep this selection as “inaccurate” and DO NOT change it back to “accurate” even though you will need to correct the response for inaccurate questions because it reflects the actual verification status for this question. 
  • No-response: yellow. This will automatically be selected for any questions that were left blank. 

Flagging the question if needed.

  • Verifiers also can flag the question if needed for the brand or verifier body to pay attention to it. Just click the “Flag” icon next to the verification selection in a question (refer to above screenshots)

Uploading the supporting documents

  • For some questions, you are required to upload the documents.
  • For some questions, it is optional to upload the documents.

Using the filter to check the completion of verification

  • There is a filter tab “Additional Filters” available on the top of the vBRM page.
  • The verifier can filter by Answered page, Total answered page, Unanswered page, Total Unanswered page, Company Profile and Corporate Responsibility page. 

Table questions verification

  • If the data in each cell of the whole row is accurate, you can click the “Confirm Accurate” button at the end of that row to confirm the whole row’s data accuracy. Then the row in the table will be indicated as green.
  • If the data in at least one cell of the whole row is inaccurate or has no response, you will need to verify each cell in that row. You can click each cell which will populate a bar with 5 icons.
    • 1st icon is accurate, 2nd icon is inaccurate, 3rd icon is no-response, 4th icon is providing verifier comments and the 5th icon is to flag this cell
    • If any cells are verified as “inaccurate”, the verifier needs to correct the response and provide verifier comments.  
    • Note: No Response will be automatically selected if any of the cells or rows are left blank by the brand.

The selection cells in the table must be verified to achieve a 100% completion rate.

6. Submit verification

  • Once the verification is complete for 100%, the verifier will click “Submit Verification” on the bottom left navigation panel. Then the Higg BRM assessment status will momentarily transition to VRQ (Verification Quality Check) and then to VRC (Verification Completed). VRQ status will be built in the future when we implement automated quality checks. Under VRC status, the verifier can’t edit the verification anymore.
  • If verification is not completed for any questions/REFIDs, when the verifier clicks the “Submit Verification” button, it will populate a list which shows all questions are not completed yet in which sections. The verifier can check this list to find those questions and complete the verification to 100%.
  • The brands can request for editing the verification under VRC status. Then the status is changed to VRE (Verification Edited). Then the verifier can edit the verification.
  • After the verifier completes the editing, the verification will be submitted again and the status is changed to VRC.
  • Then the brand will review and finalize the data.

7. VB Admin(s) and Verifier(s) Check the BRM Status

  • Once the verifier submits the verification, the brand will receive an email with a notification that the verification is ready for review.
  • If the brand finalizes the assessment and the vBRM status will become VRF (Verification Finalized) from VRC. The VB owner/admins can see all vBRM modules with VRF status in their account. The VB editor can see only the verifications that they are assigned to them  across all statuses.