SAC Higg FEM Verification Quality Assurance Manual Version 1.0

Issued: April 2020

This Quality Assurance Manual describes the quality assurance (QA) activities that are applied for the SAC Higg FEM Verification Program. QA activities are designed to ensure a qualified pool of SAC approved verifiers is available to Higg FEM users, and to ensure quality and integrity during the Higg FEM verification process. It includes a description of the goals and expected outcomes of QA processes and the specific procedures that define how QA activities are executed.

The purpose of Higg FEM QA is to provide high level oversight of Higg FEM Verification and to evaluate whether the verification process is producing consistent and accurate outcomes as per the related protocols and procedures, instead of focusing on the accuracy of particular assessments (Note that QA is not focused on the accuracy of specific verified assessments).

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