Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Facility Steps Summary  – Before Verification

1. Login your facility account on platform. If you don’t have an account, you need to register.

2. Purchase FSLM and vFSLM, or you can purchase a premium package if you are located in China/Sri Lanka/Taiwan/India.

3. Review FSLM home page dashboard information

4. Connect FSLM to SLCP by entering SLCP Facility ID (you must have created your facility account on SLCP Gateway before doing this step. The SLCP facility ID is in the account profile on the Gateway.)

5. Click “Edit module” to access the FSLM module

6. Complete the FSLM self-assessment online or import the SLCP excel file with filled data to the FSLM. The completion rate of the FSLM must be over 95%, all required questions must be completed and all Facility Profile section questions must be completed.

7. View the FSLM home page dashboard – show module status as ASI (Assessment Initiative)

8. Click “Select VB” button to choose the VB or you can click “Change your verifying body” to change the VB if needed.

9. Click submit for verification in the FSLM module or on the FSLM dashboard. The module status will become ASC (Assessment Complete)

10. You can reopen the FSLM before the verification starts (VRP) and then the FSLM status becomes ASI. However, you must re-submit the FSLM for verification and make the FSLM status turn to ASC.


2. Verifying Body Steps Summary

1. Log into VB account on SLCP Gateway to assign verifier. Make sure that the country and language setting for VB, facility and verifier accounts is matched on the SLCP Gateway.

2. Wait up to 15 mins so the assigned verifier can be shown in

3. Log in as VB owner/admin on higg staging platform – accept the sharing request for this facility’s FSLM and vFSLM in “Pending sharing approval” tab.


3. Verifier Steps Summary

1. Log into verifier account on platform

2. Go to “Shared with me” tab to find the right facility’s vFSLM and access it.

3. Click “Begin verification” button to start the verification. Then the facility vFSLM module status will become VRP (Verification in Progress). In addition, the status has changed on module page to allow editing of answers. Facility can’t change the VB or re-open their FSLM to edit now.

4. Verify each field as accurate/inaccurate/no response. For “inaccurate” and “no response” questions, the verifier must provide corrected response and verification data. Otherwise, the verifier can’t “Submit Verification”.

5. You must complete the verification for all questions except the follow-up questions in “Management System” since those follow-up questions are optional for facility to answer. If you don’t complete any questions verification, when you click “Submit Verification”, it will show all incomplete questions IDs and the incomplete parts.

6. After you complete the verification, click “Submit verification” to submit it. If any questions are incomplete, when click the submit button, it will show all the incomplete questions list. Then the facility vFSLM module status will become VRC (Verification Complete).

7. Verifier can edit the vFSLM when the status is VRC. Once becomes VRF, verifier can’t edit it.


4. Facility Steps Summary – After Verification

1. Login to facility account on platform

2. Review the FSLM and verified FSLM result

3. If you disagree on the verification result, you can click “Dispute verification” option. Complete and submit the dispute form. Then the vFSLM status will become VRD (Verification in dispute). VOO will get involved to the dispute process with VB, verifier and facility.

4. If you agree on the verification result, you can click “Finalize verification” option and then the facility vFSLM status will become VRF (Verification Finalized)

5. Download the CSV reports for the FSLM & vFSLM/Post FSLM & vFSLM/Share FSLM Modules

6. Download the FSLM assessment report in CSV or excel file.

7. Click “Verified Report” on your module sharing page (My modules tab) and it will take you to the SLCP Gateway to check and download the detailed data report for the finalized FSLM verification (VRF) from the Gateway.

8. Review the verification summary.