MSI Single Score Update

Example Materials

The Higg MSI Example Materials tab provides access to all 92 available Example Materials, listed in alphabetical order within each Material Category. These Example Materials can be viewed as they are (with default processes selected) or they can be further customized.

2.1 Viewing Material Scores

Users can assess Example Materials based on 3 different score views:

  • Their MSI score
  • Their LCIA (Life Cycle Impact Assessment), the quantitative environmental impacts calculated based on the data collected in the LCA.
  • Both

Example materials – MSI score view

Example materials – LCIA view

Example Materials – MSI Score & LCIA View

2.2 Searching and Sorting Materials

Materials can be found in three ways:

  • Typing into the search box on the top left side of the dashboard
  • Clicking into the different Material Categories listed along the left side of the page, where they are listed alphabetically
  • Scrolling through the full list of Example Materials

Materials can be sorted in two ways:

  • An alphabetical view, the default (from A->Z), which can be switched to Z->A
  • The different impact indicators (Global warming, Eutrophication, Water scarcity, Resource depletion & Chemistry use), sorted from high to low or low to high by clicking on the desired impact indicator.

Materials Sorted by Alphabetical Order

Materials Sorted by Specific Impact Area Score

Note: The example on screen shows sorting from low to high, based on Global warming potential, also known as GWP.