Materiality Assessment and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

CategoryGuidance for suppliers on conducting a materiality assessment, and measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.
Published by: Sprint good works
Target Audience: Suppliers
What will this resource help with?The guide was written for Sprint suppliers to help them meet the environmental criteria. However, it is free to be used by any individual or business that has an interest in social and environmental impact.

The Materiality Assessment and Greenhouse Gas Emissions handbook is intent on providing an easy to use resource for suppliers to understand their social and environmental impact and to meet Sprint’s environmental criteria. The two main topics of this handbook are:

1. Completing a materiality assessment.

2. Measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

Throughout this Guide, you will find practical examples and experiences Sprint experienced on their own journey and the business benefits that resulted. While completing a materiality assessment and measuring GHG’s can be challenging, these two areas remain an important Corporate Responsibility (CR) practice. With the help of this resource, it is Sprint’s hope other companies can benefit and chart a pathway for their own success. The processes we review in this guide are based on those found in international guides and standards, however, they reflect our own interpretation of best practices and may not meet process and reporting requirements for other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) needs.

Related Impact Areas in Higg Facility Environmental Module:
  • Introduction
  • Get ready
  • Create a list of relevant topics
  • Score from both a business and stakeholder perspective
  • Review the results
  • Develop a plan and take action
  • Understanding the basics of climate change
  • Fundamentals of GHG measurement
  • Get ready
  • Collect the data
  • Turn your activity data into GHG emissions
  • Documenting and report your results
  • Develop a plan to reduce GHG emissions
  • Where to go from here
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