Water Conservation

CategoryGuidance for suppliers on water conservation.
Published by: Sprint good works
Target Audience: Suppliers
What will this resource help with?The guide was written for Sprint suppliers to help them meet the environmental criteria. However, it is free to be used by any individual or business that has an interest in water conservation.

The Water Conservation handbook is both targeted at individuals seeking to learn more about how their business can reduce its water use and those wanting to fine-tune an existing process. The handbook highlights water related risks and conservation goals.

The two main drivers for this handbook are:

1. Increasing fresh water scarcity.

2. With over 6,000 suppliers, Sprint’s supply chain accounts for much of Sprint’s environmental impact.

This handbook was designed to help suppliers to meet Sprint’s environmental criteria by 2017 – which included measuring, reporting, and reducing water consumption.

The main objectives are described in more detail in chapter 1, followed by guidance on measuring and reporting water footprints in chapter 2. Throughout the guide, practical approaches that Sprint and other leading companies have taken during their own water conservation journey are presented. Examples of water reduction efforts will be highlighted throughout the handbook and in case studies specific to their business operations in chapter 3.

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