Summary of Updates to the How to Higg FEM Guide (v1.6) 2023

Date: November 3, 2022

Summary of Updates to the How to Higg FEM Guide (v1.6)

Facility Site Info

  • Added BREEAM, BVE3, Country specific Green Building Certification, LEED into the list of Industry Program/Certification
  • Added guidance and reference link on Industry Program/Certification participation question


  • (No update)


  • Added new unscored Question related Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) in Level 1
NEW Question

Added “Does your facility purchase Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) (e.g. Renewable Electricity Certificates (RECs))?

Added full guidance


  • Added guidance on accessing Water Risk


  • Change applicability:  Facility who is separately using Septic to treat domestic wastewater and onsite wastewater treatment plant to treat industry wastewater will be asked to answer specific question on Septic, (i.e. Question 6)
Question 1Updated Guidance on “Estimation method” under Technical Guidance.

Air Emissions

  • Change applicability:  Facility only selects “Air Conditioning” or “Refrigerant Device”, Question 6 will not be displayed.


  • (No update)


Question 1Updated Question text to standardize industry terminology.

Higg FEM Glossary

  • (No update)

Appendix A: Facility Foundations

  • (No update)