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FEM 4.0 Resources

Find all supporting documentation, guides and additional downloadable resources for all of our tools.

FEM 2023 How to Higg Guide – Please note that this guidance applies only to Higg FEM 2023/4.0, and no assessments from previous years. The Higg FEM 4.0/2023 will be available to purchase Fall 2023. Please direct your questions to our support team.

Higg FEM Reference Guide (PDF) – This is a reference guide for navigating Higg FEM data. It provides a technical, slightly narrative description of the Higg FEM data as well as reference documentation for all FEM questions (including tooltips, conditionalities, answer options, and points).

Appendix A. FEM Foundations – Download Appendix A to understand FEM Foundations and the questionset associated.

Download the FEM4.0 Technical Paper published by Cascale.

Guidance FEM 2023 Data Exports – Download PDF guide on the different csv. files that you can download for individual FEMs or for accessing bulk data.

REFID Comparison – Review REFID changes from 2022 to 2023.

Data Dictionaries:

Normal Data Dictionary – Look up characteristics such as description, inclusion in verification, question-type and applicability, of all FEM2023 questions (identifiable by their REFID). Use this file to guide you in using the Quantitative Impacts CSV and the Raw Response CSVs.

FEM Performance CSV Data Dictionary – Look up characteristics such as description and question-type of all calculated fields in the FEM Performance CSV file, identifiable by readable column names. Use this file to guide you in using the Performance CSV.

FEM Calculations and Methodology: