Understand FSLM Results

1. Access Module Data  

To access module data and results reports, first please confirm that the FSLM has been submitted and posted. Once it is posted, you can access the results reports from the FSLM dashboard.

2. Scoring

The Higg FSLM gives users total scores as well as additional score reports after completing the assessment. The scoring section includes total Higg Index scores, section scores, step scores and risk scores. With the scores, users can:

  • Evaluate the Higg FSLM performance
  • Track progress over time
  • Compare the performance to that of similar facilities.

Please note: If you don’t have a valid operating license, your module score will be 0.

To understand the scores and achievement levels, please review the Higg FSLM scoring system guide here.

Access the scores by going to your FSLM dashboard, and clicking ‘View Details’

Section and total scores

On the Section Scores page, you can see a total score as well as section scores for each of the content sections in the tool.

Step scores

On the Step scores page, you can see the total points received for each applicable step in the FSLM. The total score is also displayed. 

Risk scores

The risk scores report highlights the total points received on questions based on each risk category and total points received on meeting legal compliance. A higher score means the better the facility performed. 

Click view details to go directly to the Areas of Focus and Improvement Report.

3. Additional Results Reports

Areas of Focus and Improvement Report

This report shows the opportunities for improvement and focus based on the high-level mapping of SLCP Questions to Better Work Zero Tolerance Protocols, ILO Core Conventions, and the level of risk to the employees and facility. The questions are categorized as all questions, zero tolerance, high-risk and medium-risk questions.

You can also download this report into a CSV file on the FSLM dashboard.

Legal Compliance Report

The legal compliance report provides opportunities for improvement and focus, based on legal requirements.

You can also download this report into a CSV file on the FSLM dashboard.