Subscriptions and Purchasing

Worldly is a subscription-based software platform.

Users choose from subscriptions designed for their type of business: for instance a facility/manufacturer, or a brand/retailer. 

Subscriptions include access to specific assessment tools and related features, as well as the ability to share data with other platform users. Subscriptions last for a single annual reporting cycle.  

When you are ready to purchase, log in to your account at

Facility Subscription Plans

Worldly’s facility subscriptions meet facilities where they are in their sustainability journey and provide them with everything they need for a reporting period, available for a single annual fee. Instead of purchasing individual modules, multiple assessments, and verification services throughout the year, facility users can now purchase a year’s worth of tools at once.

Please login to the Worldly platform to see prices. 

FEM2023 Plan

Get a complete look at your environmental impact, to support buyer requirements. Includes: 

  • Higg Index Facility Environmental Module 4.0 (FEM) or Higg Index FEM Foundations
  • Verification enabled
  • Benchmarking 


  • FEM 2023 subscription plan is for facilities who plan to report their environment impact data for 2023 cadence (Jan 1 2023 – Dec 31 2023). Facilities can either choose to complete Facility Environment Module (FEM) 2023 or FEM Foundations.
  • FEM Foundations is an introductory environmental assessment for new facilities who have never completed a FEM full assessment before. 
  • FEM 2023 is for existing facilities to measure their environmental impacts.
  • The Benchmarking feature is also included, for facilities who want to compare their FEM performance with their peers on our platform.

New facilities will be able to choose to complete the FEM or FEM Foundations on their FEM dashboard page. But if you are an existing facility user who completed FEM before, you won’t be able to choose the FEM Foundations.

Facility Social and Labor

Get a complete look at your social and labor impact, to support buyer requirements. Includes:

  • Higg Index Facility Social and Labor Module (FSLM)
  • Verification enabled
  • Benchmarking 


  • FSLM subscription plan is for facilities who plan to complete the Facility Social Labor Module (FSLM) and report their social labor impact data for the recent 12 months.
  • Same as the FEM plan, the verification module is included. Once facilities complete their self-assessment, they can start the verification process.
  • The Benchmarking feature is also included, for facilities who want to compare their FSLM performance with others on our platform.

Standard with FEM 2023+FSLM

Understand your entire impact – across environmental and social – with features for sharing data, comparing performance to benchmarks, and exporting for deeper analysis. Includes: 

  • Factory data tool 
  • Higg Index Facility Environmental Module (FEM) OR Higg Index Facility Foundations
  • Higg Index Facility Social & Labor Module (FSLM)
  • Verification enabled
  • Benchmarking


  • The subscription plan of Standard with FEM 2023 + FSLM includes all those 3 plans of assessments and features we previously introduced. It has everything and it is the best value package.

Standard plan  

The standard subscription plan includes the Factory Data tool, a new tool developed by Worldly.  The manufacturers will be able to upload their utility bill as they receive it, fill into this tool, and share data in real time with the brands.

**Purchasing the single vFEM 2022 (if you purchased the self-assessment FEM 2022 before May 16 2023)

You can go to your FEM dashboard page to purchase the single vFEM 2022 if you purchased the FEM 2022 before May 16 2023.


The Higg FEM is a robust self-assessment for manufacturers. Facilities have always been able to pay for verification of their self-assessment, which required an additional $300 program fee. Prior to May 2023, this fee was collected on Worldly, and passed to Cascale who manages the program. 

Worldly and Cascale heard this was confusing for some customers. In order to streamline checkout and provide more transparency, this fee will now be collected by the verifying body. The amount of the fee remains unchanged at $300 USD. 

For facilities, this will simplify the checkout process. Your Higg FEM will be automatically enabled for verification so you can easily share your data with verification bodies – it’s simply a matter of choosing an organization and working directly with them. 

We also hope that this encourages more businesses to verify their data, since this no longer requires a separate purchase and is now automated by verification bodies. This change also allows us to be clearer and more transparent about what’s included in your Higg FEM  subscription. Any future changes to Worldly costs will be related to additional functionality and features. 


You will see that the FEM 2023, FSLM, and Standard Plus FEM 2023 + FSLM packages are verification enabled. This means facilities assessments will be easily available on Worldly to the facilities chosen verification body – ensuring a streamlined review process. 

Additionally, Cascale has updated their verification scope to be more targeted to the foundational environmental performance and essential quantitative areas in the Higg FEM, ensuring a faster and more efficient verification process. 

Purchasing for others

On Worldly, you can purchase a subscription plan(s) for other accounts. On the subscription page, you can choose “Purchase for Others.”

Select the subscription, for example FEM2023 and then continue to select the accounts for whom you wish to purchase.

Options to add more Tools. Once you have selected a subscription, you can add more tools to your basket.

Please login to the Worldly platform to see prices. 

FLSM Transfer

Transferring Your SLCP Verification Data from Other Accredit Hosts

On the Worldly platform, you can transfer your SLCP verification data from other accredited hosts (e.g., FFC, Better Work) so you can share your SLCP verification data (FSLM verification module) with your brands on the Worldly platform. 

On the subscription plan page, you will be able to pay for the transition and view the process of data transferring. To transfer the verification data, you must have a Worldly account registered on our platform.

Platform Subscriptions

Our subscriptions provide your business with tools, resources, and support – to help you at any point on your sustainability journey.


Basic access is open to all types of users. It is a great option for users starting their sustainability journey, and only contributing data to the platform or purchasing individual a la carte tools.

With Basic access, you may purchase a single or a combination of tools from the below list:

  • Higg FEM
  • Higg FSLM
  • Higg BRM
  • Receive shared modules
  • Basic MSI access with 5 units
  • Receive the shared assessments

For users who are at the basic account level, if you need to review a facility’s shared FEM or FSLM data or a brand’s shared BRM data, you will also need to pay to receive each shared assessment.

For verifiers. Verifier Bodies that are not an Cascale member (all Cascale members are provided with an All Access subscription to the Worldly platform) will need to pay to receive each shared assessment so you can start and complete the verification process. Scroll further to learn more about available subscription plans for you. If you choose not to purchase a subscription, you can purchase shared assessments individually and pay per share.

For more information on the Verification Program and costs for verifying bodies, please see this page.

For brands/vendor type of users. To gain access to received shared assessments, you will need to have an All Access Worldly platform subscription or pay per share. Scroll further to learn more about available subscription plans for you. If you choose not to purchase a subscription, you can purchase shared assessments individually and pay per share.

You can just go to your FEM/FSLM/BRM module page and then go to the “Modules Received” section. Click “Purchase and Accept Share” to pay and you will be able to access the module data.

You can also contact us to upgrade your current plan so you can get unlimited shared assessments.

All-Access Subscriptions


The kickstarter for better environmental and social data. 

  • Collect product, factory, shipping data and more with unlimited access to the Higg Index suite of tools including Higg FEM, FSLM, and BRM 
  • Use the Higg Product Module and Higg MSI to model product life cycle assessment with the industry’s largest materials library.
  • Get a dashboard view of suppliers’ progress and send automated reminders to keep on track.


More services that save time and deliver deeper insights

Everything in Essentials, plus:

  • Our customer support team will clean, load, and match your facility list in the platform, so you’re optimizing facility engagement from the start.
  • Quickly assess impact trends with custom charts and graphs that compile your facilities’ Higg FEM data 


Dedicated customer support to get the most out of our tools. 

  • Everything in Expanded, plus:
  • Bi-weekly progress reports, QBR’s, and customized training.
  • Increase data collection from suppliers with customized emails and landing pages.

Finally, if you need additional support and services, we can create a Custom plan tailored to your needs that builds on the Advanced Plan.


Service plan pricing is dependent on the company revenue. Please contact us here for more information.

If you would like to upgrade your service level, please contact the customer support team here.

Product Tools Annual Subscription

If you want to focus on your materials and products, the Product Tools subscription helps you compare the environmental impact of different materials during design and estimate the total impact of particular products. Includes:

  • 250 Material Sustainability Index (MSI) items
  • 25 Product Module (PM) items
  • MSI LCIA (Life Cycle Impact Assessment) data

If a facility user wants access to the Product Tools in addition to what is included with their facility subscription, they can purchase stand alone access with the Product Tools Annual subscription.

Please login to the Worldly platform to see prices. 

Brand and Retail Tools (BRM) Annual Subscription

If you want to look at your impacts as an organization, the BRM helps you evaluate social and environmental impact across a wide range of business operations, from packaging and transportation of goods, to the environmental impact of stores and offices.

BRM Foundations is an entry level assessment, available as a starting point for brands and retailers who have never used the Higg Index BRM before. It is only available if you do not have a previous year’s BRM in your account.

Pick your company size and select purchase to access the BRM or BRM Foundations.

API Integration Options

APIs Overview

With Worldly API access, users can integrate platform data into their internal systems (whether custom solutions or third-party software).

We offer APIs for our facility assessment data as well as our materials sustainability index, to enable your designers, managers, and sustainability teams to easily make more informed decisions.

Materials API

With the materials API, your designers and sustainability stakeholders can choose from over 200+ raw materials in the MSI, with material impacts values automatically sent to your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems:

  • Global Warming
  • Water Scarcity
  • Fossil Fuel Depletion
  • Water Consumption
  • Biogenic Carbon

Assessments API

For brands managing larger amounts of data, our API allows you to configure automated flows into your supplier management system – from assessment tools including FEM, FSLM, and BRM.

Compared to working with individual CSVs and manual integration, this can be a tremendous time saver for certain brands.

Where can I view available integrations? 

Navigate to ‘Account Profile’ by clicking your account name in the top right corner on the Worldly platform. Then go to the ‘Integrations’ tab. Here you will find the overview of available integrations: both for Assessments (FEM and/or FSLM) and for the Product Tools (MSI).