Worldly Training Program

Learn about the Worldly training program, as well as additional training and support resources available, including the third party FEM training program.

1. Worldly Level Training Program 

The Worldly training program guides you as you use Worldly, and is designed to help you progressively become more familiar with the platform and tools. The training program levels align with the tool completion process (level 1 and 2 before, level 3 during, level 4 after) to facilitate your learning experience.

  • Level 1 – General onboarding
    • Level 1 training provides an introduction to the Worldly platform, Worldly tools and Worldly services.
  • Level 2 – Tool onboarding
    • These events offer training for a specific Worldly or Higg Index tool. Each training includes a detailed overview of one of the Worldly or Higg Index tools, including an introduction to tool content, how to use it on the Worldly platform, and where to find support resources.
  • Level 3 – Tool deep dive
    • Level 3 training provides a deep dive into a specific tool. Users will take an in-depth look at the content of a tool and learn practical advice and tips about completing the assessment. For the Higg Brand & Retail Module (BRM) and the Higg Facility Tools,  Level 3 trainings may include a detailed look at challenging questions from the assessments or a closer look at content in a particular section. For trainings on the Higg Product Tools, this may include reviewing the  advanced features of a tool or how to model more complex materials in the Higg MSI.
  • Level 4 – Data insight/Tool Results/sustainability training
    • This level focuses on interpreting the data the Higg and Worldly tools and platform provide. Topics for these trainings may include advanced sustainability topics such as measuring GHG emissions across your entire organization.

2. Additional Training & Support Resources

In addition to the Level training program, there are more training and support resources available.

  • Office hours: Tool specific office hours are regularly offered, especially during tool cadences. These are an open forum for users to ask tool experts any questions they have.
  • The Higg Index training site is full of written and video guidance for every tool, and is always available to all users.
  • E-learning courses: short courses to support quick learning.

Customer support: The customer support team is available to all users for any type of question, from purchasing and account registration to content support.

The customer support team is also available through the new Live Chat feature. They can answer your questions in all languages from 23:00-11:00 UTC, Mon – Sat.

Select your topic question and then type your message. Our team will be in touch shortly.

3. Cascale FEM Trainer Program

For hands-on personalized training for the FEM, there is a network of Cascale approved third party trainers. These trainers can provide more in-depth customized training in local languages and in person.

  • For facilities interested in learning more, review the full list of approved trainers here.
  • For approved trainers, please review additional information here.