Background and Overview

What is the Higg Adoption Tool?

The Higg Adoption Tool helps users manage the adoption of Higg Facility Modules (FEM & FSLM) and the Higg Brand & Retail Module (BRM), by their value chain partners. 

The tool is designed to assist you with the tasks involved in managing Higg Index adoption efforts with your value chain partners, providing visibility to module completion progress, verification status, Higg account data, and share request status. Access to this data in one place makes it easier to monitor adoption progress and allows you to better target your engagement with your value chain partners, ultimately helping you and your team achieve higher adoption rates.

What does Higg adoption mean?

Higg adoption refers to the use of Higg tools. Adopting the Higg Facility Tools (Foundations, FEM, FSLM) requires your manufacturing partners to accept use of the Higg facility modules by completing the self-assessments and sharing the results.  Adopting the Higg Brand and Retail Tools (BRM Foundations, BRM) requires your brand partners to accept use of the Higg Brand modules by completing the self-assessments and sharing the results.

What is a cadence?

A Higg cadence is a Higg module reporting period. On the Higg Adoption Tool, a cadence is also a grouping mechanism defined by both Higg module type and time, that enables segmented tracking of Higg module completion across your value chain partners.

All users will see a set of default cadences on their Adoption Tool dashboard, one per module type. These default cadences align with Cascale’s reporting period requirements. For example, the default cadences for Higg FEM will always have Cascale’s self-assessment posting deadline of April 30th. These default cadences can be edited to change the start and end date, as well as the name. Once you add an account to a cadence, the account will receive an automatic share request from your account once they acquire the module. You will also immediately be able to view the Higg module completion status for that facility.

All users also have the ability to create multiple cadences per module, by using the Custom Cadence feature. Read more about Custom Cadences here.

How does the tool help manage a cadence?

The tool gives you one place to quickly and easily view the completion and sharing status of modules by specified groups of facility accounts or brand accounts on the Higg platform, throughout each module reporting period. Because the tool tracks real-time status of each module, it allows you to take timely action on the most current data. Additionally, inviting a facility or brand account to a cadence initiates an automatic module share request that is sent to the invitee’s account once they acquire the module.

Higg Adoption Tool Access

How do I access the Higg Adoption Tool?

Accounts that are subscribed to either the Essentials, Expanded, Advanced, or Custom Higg “All Access” subscription have access to the Adoption Tool.  When a user logs in, they can navigate to the tool by selecting Adoption from their top navigation menu.