Higg MSI API References

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Access Model


Higg provides an application programming interface (API) for the Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) and Product module (PM). Businesses can use this read/write API to integrate MSI and PM data into their own internal systems. It can also be used by third parties, such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, to enable shared customers to access Higg MSI/PM account data in the third-party system.

Integrating MSI and PM impacts into internal and third-party systems allows designers and sustainability stakeholders to compare material impacts as they make material choices and analyze impacts in their material portfolios.

To learn more about the MSI/PM API, including technical documentation, visit the Higg developer hub.

Access Model

Access to the MSI/PM API requires purchase of the MSI and Product Module either through SAC membership or direct purchase of the Product tools on Higg.  Accounts may then purchase an API license key. Third-parties can join the Higg Developers program to design solutions that give their clients access to the client MSI/PM data via the third-party system.

For questions regarding purchasing an MSI/PM API license key or joining the Higg Developers program, contact us.