Background and Overview


The Supply Impacts feature allows Higg users to calculate GHG emissions using primary data directly from their supply chain and to report those emissions by supply chain tier. Companies can use the data from the Supply Impacts feature for internal sustainability analysis, to set emissions reduction targets, and to track progress toward GHG sustainability goals. Brands, retailers, and manufacturers can use data from the Supply Impacts feature to report GHG emissions to public or third-party reporting platforms.

Our new Supply Impacts feature also allows users to attribute a percentage of a facility’s environmental production impacts to a specific brand, product, group of products, or geographic region. By also allowing users to create and share these split impacts for each Tier in their supply chain, this feature enables a greater degree of analysis and a means of exploring Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. Users with Expanded or Advanced Service Plans can then aggregate and visualize these impacts in the Analytics Tool.