Complete the BRM

BRM2021 Deadline is June 30, 2022

1. Roll Forward Feature

Users can “roll forward” or copy the previous year’s Higg BRM data to a new Higg BRM and share the new BRM assessment with previous connections. This feature saves time by automatically filling in data from the previous year’s assessment that does not need to be updated annually.

  • Any data not relevant to the current year won’t be rolled forward to the new assessment. For example, the previous annual energy consumption data won’t be rolled forward because the energy consumption data is different each year.
  • The roll forward feature is only available if there is a completed and posted module from the prior year (ie BRM2020 must be posted to access roll forward for BRM2021).
  • This feature only appears the first time the new assessment is opened, if it is skipped it cannot be accessed again! Ensure you select it the first time if you wish to use it.

To use the roll forward feature:

  • Open the BRM assessment for the first time from the BRM dashboard.
  • Select “Yes” to roll forward the data.
  • Select “Yes” to roll forward previous share connections, which automatically shares the BRM with all accounts that had a share connection with the previous year’s module.

2. Key Information for BRM Completion

Before starting the Higg BRM, please review the key information and completion rules below: 

  • The BRM must be completed in English. This is to ensure that all users that you share with can access the data. 
  • You must reach 100% completion before you can post the BRM. 
  • Applicability: the Higg BRM has three sections that are only completed if they are applicable to your company. 
    • Retailer: Does your company purchase products from other companies to sell? If yes, you will complete this section. 
    • Brand: Does your company create its own branded products? If yes, you will complete this section. 
    • Stores: Does your company have brick-and-mortar stores? If yes, you will complete this section. 
  • RefIDs: Each question in the BRM has a unique identifier, called a Reference ID or RefID. These are located on the right side of each question box, and are helpful when requesting support for a specific question in the assessment.
  • Tooltips: Below some questions, there are short text boxes containing helpful information for answering the related question. 

3. Complete the Assessment

To access the online assessment, first go to the BRM dashboard. There you will find: 

  • Available Actions: the actions you can do based on your current status
  • Module status: your current module status and completion rate
  • Facility information: brand’s basic information
  • View: you can click “View/Edit BRM” to access your BRM online
  • Download assessment: download the Excel file to complete the BRM offline or download a CSV file
  • Activity history: all the previous actions happened
  • Results reports: score, critical issues and opportunities report

When you are ready to start the online assessment, click ‘View/Edit’.

After clicking the “View/Edit BRM” button, the first time you open your module, you will automatically start with the “Company Profile” section. You will need to complete this section first before moving on to other sections of the module as it impacts the questions in the rest of the module.

You can quickly and easily navigate between the different sections of the module using the navigation on the left side of the page. Click on the arrow to expand each category and view the environmental and social/labor subsections, then click to navigate to the desired section.

You can click “Additional Filters” on the top bar to filter the assessment. You can filter based on answered or unanswered questions, and by each subsection. You can also select multiple filters at once to narrow the questions down further.

To upload recommended or required support documentation, use the paperclip icon on the right side of each question box. 

4. BRM Excel Download and CSV Import

We offer two offline options for BRM data during the completion process, the Excel download and the CSV import.


The BRM Excel download feature allows brands to download a view of all answered and unanswered questions. The goal of the feature is to allow the sustainability or project manager to assign questions to different teams offline, and then collect and input the answers in the online tool, maintaining the integrity of their online assessment.

The BRM Excel download is NOT able to be imported to the tool. It serves purely as a downloadable snapshot of the online assessment at that moment. The Excel shows all answered questions and their answers in green. For unanswered questions, it lists all available answer options.

When the Excel file is opened, it is divided into tabs for each of the sections in the tool, and split into separate tabs for the environmental and social questions. 

To learn about this Excel functionality, please read “Description” first.

In each tab, you will see the refID, question, and _________ listed. If the question has already been answered on the platform, the answer will be highlighted in green. If the question has not been answered, all answer options will be listed. 

You can send this file to your team members who are responsible for answering those incomplete questions. They can mark the answers in other colors or put notes in Column E. Once they complete the questions, they will send this file back to you. After you have collected responses, you must manually re-enter them into the online assessment. 

When you re-download the Excel, your re-entered answers will be shown in this new file. 

CSV Import

The BRM CSV import feature allows a CSV file to be imported and will auto-fill any data in the file into the online assessment. It was created to allow parent and sub-brands that share the same information to copy that common data across multiple separate BRM modules.

Go to the account with data you wish to transfer and download the CSV file from the BRM dashboard.

Then log into the account you wish to upload the data to and go into the BRM module and click the ‘import module’ button and select the CSV file.

The assessment will then be filled with any data in the CSV. **Please be aware, importing the CSV will overwrite any existing data in the module.** 

5. Question by Question Guidance (H2H Guide)

Click here.

6. Post & Share


Once the BRM completion rate is 100%, you can post the assessment. Make sure you have fully completed every question in the assessment before posting.

Then the assessment can be posted by using the ‘Submit/Post Assessment’ button in the left navigation bar. 


If you need to share your BRM, you can do that through the Higg platform. To do this, go to the BRM Modules page, and click the Share button.

Then select which module you want to share, and search for the correct account with their name or Higg ID, then select share. Once they accept the share request, the module will be shared. 

Accepting a Share Request

If someone has requested a module, you can access that in the BRM Modules page under ‘Share Requests’. View the requested module and the account that has requested it, then approve or reject the request.