Communicate BRM Results

1. What can be shared about the BRM results?

One of the benefits of completing the BRM is that it enables companies to explain to a wider audience how they are performing in terms of sustainability i.e., reducing their negative impact.

Placing value and communicating ESG initiatives can be extremely complicated, so BRM results can support companies to explain their actions in a more comparable and transparent way.

Self-assessment results can be shared within your organization with all internal stakeholders, including your leadership teams and employees. The self assessment (verified or unverified) together with the scores can also be shared, if you choose, on the Higg platform with business partners and suppliers who are Higg users. As a Retailer, you may ask Brand Suppliers to share their BRM Assessment with you via the Higg Platform or directly. This can be a useful tool for your Procurement Guidelines and Processes.

Wider public communication of your results will only be enabled once your score has been Verified by an Approved Verifier. Whilst we encourage all BRM data to be as transparent as possible, we aim to keep scores balanced, trusted and credible, hence why we only allow Verified results to be publicly disclosed.

2. How to share BRM results internally?

Share your BRM results with the rest of your company and leadership team. Navigate to the Scores-page to analyze your score and the split per impact areas. Filter the Issues & Opportunities page to find areas for improvement and relevant opportunities for your company to focus on for continuous improvement regarding ESG. Sharing BRM scores and identified opportunities with internal stakeholders is a best practice to show year on year progress and present actionable next steps for improvement. If you would like to directly add colleagues and team members to the Higg platform, you can do so by following the guidelines here.

3. How to share BRM results externally?

If you would like to share your BRM results with external stakeholders, you have two options.

Option 1: Sharing via platform

Sharing a Module

Share your BRM module (verified or unverified) with industry partners by using the share functionality in the tool. Navigate to “Modules” to access your BRM-modules of this year and previous years.

Then click “Share module”.

Then select which module you want to share, and search for the correct account with their name or Higg ID, then select share. Once they accept the share request, the module will be shared.

Revoking access

Your company at all times remains the owner of your company’s data. This means that you can revoke access from another user to your BRM assessment at all times. To revoke access, navigate to “My Shares”.

Click on the 3 dots in the far right column of the account for whom you wish to revoke access.

Accepting a Share Request

If someone has requested a module, you can access that in the BRM Modules page under ‘Share Requests’.

View the requested module and the account that has requested it, then approve or reject the request.

Option 2: Sharing publicly

If you want to share your BRM score externally outside of the Higg platform, Your assessment needs to be verified by an independent third-party. Verification is subject to costs. For more information about Verification and costs see Verify BRM Results

When communicating externally, it is fundamental for you to adhere to our Communication Guidelines.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the verification protocol and communication guidelines for the 2022 BRM are currently under review so, at the moment, public disclosure of 2022 BRM Results is not allowed.