OAR ID Guidance

What is an OAR ID?

The Open Apparel Registry (OAR) is an open data tool for identifying global apparel facilities and their affiliations (“Contributors”). The OAR brings together facility lists from industry stakeholders into one map and registry and assigns each unique facility an OAR ID.

The Higg platform now allows each Higg Facility account to be associated with the corresponding unique facility in the OAR. Using this integration, a Higg Facility can search existing OAR records directly within the Higg account management page and select the matching OAR ID. If no matching record exists yet in OAR, a new record can be created automatically. Once the link has been established, value chain partners can find Higg facility accounts using the OAR ID, and the OAR ID is also available in data exports and Higg Index tools. The unique facility identifier provides an excellent way to discover facilities throughout the Higg Index platform. The OAR ID can be used to search for an account, join an account, request a share, and all the various ways you would use a Higg ID.

If you have any questions on the OAR ID, please visit OAR’s website:  https://info.openapparel.org/

How to Link OAR ID

1. Go to your Account Profile on portal.higg.org, and click “Link to OAR Facility”

2. The Higg portal will present you with potential matches to choose from.

3. Select from the presented options and click “Link this match.”

4. Update your account information to match the OAR record. 

Once you find a match and after you click “Link this match,” Higg will check the OAR facility name and address and allow you to update your Higg account with the information in the OAR database.

5. Click the “Continue” button to complete the update and ensure your match is successfully linked. 

How to Unlink OAR ID

If you need to unlink an OAR ID from a Higg account, go to your account profile and click the blue link icon next to the OAR ID. Then click “Unlink this OAR ID.”

How to Edit OAR ID

If you need to unlink an OAR ID, go to your account profile and click the blue link icon next to “OAR ID.” Then click “Link to a new OAR ID.”

To link a new OAR ID, the system will match and present you with all the available options, including the existing linked account. You will not be able to select the linked account. The check box will be disabled because you are already connected to this OAR ID.

Select the correct account and click ‘link this match’. You will need to confirm that you wish to proceed with updating this information. 

The new account will be linked and your profile will be updated. 

How to Create an OAR ID on the Higg Platform

1. If you do not have an OAR ID already, you can easily create one on the Higg platform! Click “Link OAR ID” in your Account Profile page. 

2. The platform will not be able to find a match, and then you can click “Create a new OAR ID”

3. Once the new ID has been successfully created, it will be linked to your account and you will be taken back to your Account Profile. 

Using OAR ID on the Higg Platform

Once the OAR ID is linked to a facility’s account, the OAR ID can be found and used on the Higg platform in these sections:

  • Facility FEM and FSLM dashboard
  • FEM and FSLM module page
  • Share or Request a Module: account searching
  • Facility’s account profile
  • FEM and FSLM CSV file
  • Adoption tool (cadence list view, CSV export and account searching)
  • Analytics tool (CSV export)
  • API

Important Notes

1. Currently, the OAR ID is only applicable to the Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, and Home Textiles industries. If your facility is in these industries, you must select your industry in your account profile to see the feature of OAR ID linking. If your facility is not in these industries (i.e. if it is in the toy or food and beverage industries), you won’t be able to see the feature to link an OAR ID.

2. If you have any questions about the OAR, visit: https://info.openapparel.org/faq.