Background and Overview

Learn the Basics

1. What is the Analytics Tool?

The Higg Analytics Tool is an online tool that offers a dashboard approach to understanding the performance of your supplier base through harnessing Higg module data. The analytics dashboard summarizes results, progress and content from Higg modules. Currently the Analytics Tool is only available for Higg FEM and for Expanded/Advanced/Custom Service Plan accounts.

2. Purpose

The Analytics Tool is intended to accelerate your ability in understanding the environmental management practices of your supply chain, as well as the environmental and social “footprint” of your supply chain, through a real-time dashboard connected to Higg data.

The Analytics Tool is designed to help you and your team establish a point of reference across several social and environmental impact areas from which future measurements may be made, to ultimately drive improvements over time. More features will be updated for this tool in the future. 

3. How does the tool help analyze Higg FEM data?

Customize views through selecting a number of criteria including country, tier of supplier, processing types and numerous other attributes. Widgets offer a focus on specific analysis like country distribution, total water consumption data, level achievement and critical operational issues.

4. Who can access this tool?

Only accounts that are engaged in expanded or advanced or custom service plan are eligible to have this tool enabled for their accounts. This subscription is priced separately from your SAC membership or your SME access fee. If you would like more information on advanced analytics for your account, please contact