Guidance and Definitions

In this section of the website, you will find the guidance and other supporting resources useful to complete the Higg Brand & Retail Module tool. Please navigate through the guidance by navigating through the links appearing on the left side of this page.

1. Content Guidance is derived from the How to Higg Guide. This guide contains detailed guidance for each primary question of the Higg BRM where you will be able to understand the intent of the question, related technical guidance, how this question will be verified and point you towards some helpful resources to help you improve. The content can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format.

2. Improvement Guidance provides key recommendations and suggested next steps on nine questions that have been identified as critical issues in the Higg BRM. The guidance intends to support users to improve their sustainability approach. Note: This guidance also appears on the platform if the user selects “no” for any of the questions.

3. Supporting Resources offers a series of resources including comprehensive information on key topics in the module, data collection sheets and templates.

4. Glossary refers to terminology and definitions used in the Higg BRM How to Higg content.