Downloading the BRM Excel


The BRM Excel download feature allows brands to download a view of all answered and unanswered questions. The goal of the feature is to allow the sustainability or project manager to assign questions to different teams offline, and then collect and input the answers in the online tool, maintaining the integrity of their online assessment. 

The BRM Excel download is NOT able to be imported to the tool. It serves purely as a downloadable snapshot of the online assessment at that moment. The Excel shows all answered questions and their answer in green. For unanswered questions, it lists all available answer options.

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Access the BRM Download: 

** Make sure you have completed the company profile section in the online assessment before you download the Excel to make sure all the applicable questions will be displayed in the file ** 

Log in to your account and go to the BRM tab. 

On your BRM dashboard, click the Excel button and the file will automatically download. Or you can download the Excel file in the BRM assessment page. 

In the Excel file: 

When the Excel file is opened, it is divided into tabs for each of the sections in the tool, and split into separate tabs for the environmental and social questions. 

To learn about this Excel functionality, please read “Description” first. 

In each tab, you will see the refID, question, and _________ listed. If the question has already been answered on the platform, the answer will be highlighted in green. If the question has not been answered, all answer options will be listed. 

You can send this file to your team members who are responsible for answering those incomplete questions. They can mark the answers in other colors or put notes in Column E. Once they complete the questions, they will send this file back to you. After you have collected responses, you must manually re-enter them into the online assessment. 

When you re-download the Excel, your re-entered answers will be shown in this new file.