View the Module Score

View the Module Score

On the platform you will find the My Score and Shared Score tabs. HiUsers can view their Higg BRM self-assessment scores on this page. Brands/retailers and Other Higg Index customers connected with business partners can view the shared Higg BRM assessments scores.

1. The Score Page

The score page on enables Higg Index customers to identify where to make improvements to environmental sustainability performance.

The score page includes total Higg Index scores, section scores, and Higg Index level achievements. The score reflects the current status score of the module. To understand the scores and achievement levels, please review the Higg FEM scoring system guide: Higg FEM Corrected Scoring Overview and Higg FEM Scoring System Guidance

To view My Score or Shared Module Score page:

Login to your account

1. Brand users go to the BRM home page and click “View Details” under Scores.

2. Retailer/other users go to the BRM “Modules” page and then go to the “Shared with me” tab. Choose the brand that you would like to view their score, click “Action” and select “Overview”. It will direct you to that brands’s module home page dashboard. You will be able to view their score on the home page dashboard.

2. View the score information

  1. Choose the Higg BRM.
  2. View the Section Scores or the Lifecycle Assessment scores.
Section Scores

Lifecycle Scores