FEM Communication Toolkit – Getting Started

Getting Started

Learn the Basics

The FEM Communications Toolkit is only available for FEM2022 – FEM2021 comparisons and for comparisons for years prior to 2021.

The Toolkit is NOT available for 2023 – 2022.

FEM Communications Toolkit

Use the FEM Communications Toolkit to publicize verified assessment data through reports, social media and web content, and related collateral.

The FEM Communications Toolkit includes:

  • Communication Guidelines
  • Performance Report
  • Badge
  • Impact Scorecard
  • Business Card
  • Icons

The communication guidelines explain how to use each item in the toolkit. Toolkits include verified FEM data from 2018-2022. FEM 2017 verification data is not included. The Communication Toolkit is not available for verified FEM2023 data.

Download the Toolkit 

Worldly facility users, including Cascale member manufacturers and non-member facilities, can download the toolkit if their assessments are verified onsite by an approved third-party verifying body. Facilities that meet these criteria will see an option to download the toolkit in the FEM dashboard on the Worldly platform.

To communicate a facility’s performance, a brand or retailer must request written permission from the facility. Brands, retailers, and other accounts cannot not download the toolkit.