Process Guide for Verifying Bodies/Verifiers


1. This guidance is for the verifying body (VB) owner/admin and verifier to complete the SLCP verification flow procedures on platform.

2. In this guidance, the facility role for the testing procedures has been mentioned also. Please refer to the separated guidance of Process Guide for Facilities in details.

Process Guide for Verifying Body (VB)

1. Verifying body assigns the verifier for the verification to a facility on SLCP Gateway

a. Login to your verifying body account on SLCP Gateway (

b. Go to “Assessments” and click “Select primary verifier” for the right and then you can select other verifiers.


c. Select the verifier who will conduct the assessment and click “Save”.

d. Wait up to 15 minutes. The assigned verifier will show on the facility’s FSLM.

SLCP Gateway Account Set Up Rules:

Facility, VB and verifier accounts must consist on the country and language setting. For example, if the facility is located in China and language is Mandarin, the VB and verifier accounts must set up the location in China and language is chosen Mandarin. If the VB and verifier accounts are set up the location as China and language as English, this VB and verifier can’t be shown in the VB selection dropdown list for facility to pick up in the facility’s account on

2) Verifying body account owner/admin accepts the sharing request on platform (

  1. Verifying body account owner/admin can login your account on staging platform.
  2. Verifying body account owner/admin goes to the FSLM section, click “Modules” and goes to “Verification Received” tab to approve the sharing request from the factory that shares their FSLM for this verification.

3) Process Guide for Verifier

1) Assigned verifier accesses the facility’s verified FSLM.

a. After login, the assigned verifier goes to “Shared with Me” and click “View” to get into the factory’s assessment.

2) Start the verification

Verifier click “Begin verification” button in the verified FSLM and then the verified FSLM module status will become VRP (Verification in Progress) from ASC (Assessment Complete) in both verifier and facility’s account. Now the verifier can start the verification.


a. The completion rate in the vFSLM is the verification completion rate, not facility assessment verification rate. So before the verifier starts the verification, the completion rate is 0. When the verifier completes the verification for each question, the completion rate will be increased to 100%.

b. If the verifier doesn’t click “Begin Verification”, the vFSLM can’t be edited.

3) Conduct the verification (online and offline verification) – You can conduct the verification in the vFSLM on platform (Online verification)

a. Verifiers will select “Accurate/Updated During Verification – Add Notes” in the dropdown list for each question of each section except the “Facility Profile” section in the FSLM. In “Facility Profile” section, the verification selection will be “Accurate/Updated during the verification/No-response/Accurate – Add Notes” because in this section, facility information must be corrected.

Facility Profile section:

Other sections:

a. If you choose “Accurate”, you don’t need to provide the verification comments.

b. Verifiers must input verification comments and correct the response at the left side if the original response is incorrect and you verify as “inaccurate”. Otherwise, you can’t submit verification. If this question is verified as inaccurate, please make sure that you select “inaccurate” verification selection and then correct the response and provide verification comments to explain why this question is verified as inaccurate. After correcting the response, DO NOT change “inaccurate” back to “accurate”.

c. Verifiers can input response and verification comments if the original response is verified as “no response”.

d. Verifiers can also choose the below selections:

  • Not visible to facility during SA/JA
  • No longer applicable during verification
  • Not applicable during special facility circumstance

e. There is a filter tab shown on the top of the assessment page. Verifiers can click “Additional Filters” by Complete, Incomplete, Accurate, Inaccurate, No response, Not visible, NA Facility, NA verification, Updated verification page, Flag and Missing notes sections. Verifiers also can have inclusive filters. For example, click both Flag and Required filters.

f. After finishing verifying one section, the verifier can click “Next” to go to the next section or click “Previous” to go back to the last section.

You can conduct the verification offline (use the offline excel file tool)

a. You can download the excel file offline tool on your shared facility’s FSLM dashboard or FSLM module sharing page.

b. Complete the verification for all questions in this offline excel file. The rule is the same as online verification (please refer to the rules above).

c. After completing the offline verification in the excel file, you can import this excel file to the online vFSLM on platform. If the completion rate doesn’t achieve 100% after uploading the file, it means that you didn’t fully complete the verification in this offline tool. You can click the “Missing Notes” filter on the top or click the “Submit Verification” button to find out the incomplete questions.

4) Submit the verification

a. You must complete all questions verification and make sure that the verification completion rate is 100%.

b. Once the verification is completed, verifiers can click the “Submit Verification” button at the left side bar. You must complete the verification for all questions except the follow-up questions in “Management System” since those follow-up questions are optional for facility to answer. If you don’t complete any questions verification, when you click “Submit Verification”, it will show all incomplete questions IDs and the incomplete parts and you need to complete them. You must complete those questions so you can submit verification.

c. If any questions verified as “inaccurate or no response” are missing verification notes, you can’t submit verification. So you can click the “Missing Notes” filter under “Additional Filters” tab in the vFSLM and find out the questions without verification notes.

d. Once the verification is complete, the verifier will click “Submit Verification” on the bottom left navigation panel. Then the Higg FSLM assessment status will become VRQ (Verification Quality Check) by SLCP VOO.

  • If the verification passes the quality check, the status will change to VRC. The max. quality check day will be 4 days.
  • If the verification fails the quality check, the status will change to VRE. The verifier will receive an email from the SLCP gateway and need to reply to this email. The verifier has 5 days to edit the verification.

e. The facility can request for editing the verification under VRC status. Then the status is changed to VRE (Verification Being Edited). Then the verifier can edit the verification.

f. After the verifier completes the editing, the verification will be submitted again and the status is changed to VRC.

g. Then the facility will review and finalize the data.

Please note that only 14 days for facility and verifier to work on editing and finalizing the verification after the VRQ completed (VRQ – VRC) because on the 15th day, the verification module status will change to VRF automatically. There is a countdown clock on FSLM dashboard to remind facilities how much time is left to finalize the verification.

5) After submitting the verification

a. The vFSLM status will become VRC (Verification Complete) in both verifier and facility’s account. The verifier can go to “Modules” and “My Verifications” to check the vFSLM status.

Options for verifier when the vFSLM status is VRC:

  • Download the excel file data
  • Download the CSV file data
  • Edit the vFSLM
  • View the Verification Summary: Any inaccurate questions or questions flagged by the verifier will show in this summary.

b. If the facility finalizes the verified FSLM, the verifier can see the verified FSLM status will become VRF in their account. The verifier can’t edit the vFSLM when the vFSLM status is VRF. The verifier can’t finalize and post the facility’s vFSLM. Verifiers can download the full SLCP verification report and CSV V2 file or view the verified vFSLM online.

c. If the facility disputes the verified FSLM, the verifier can see the verified FSLM status will become VRD in their account. The SLCP VOO will move the VRD status to VRE from their admin tool if the dispute is accepted and the verifier will be able to edit the verification under VRE status. Then they will submit the verification and the status will be changed to VRC.