The Foaming stage covers the processing where the foam cells of the final material are created, such as through chemical and/or physical foaming. The Foaming process options below are applicable for all Foam materials.

  • Blowing agent, chemicalis the default selection and should be selected when chemical reactions and/or thermal decomposition of chemical additives are used to create the foam cells.
  • Blowing agent, physical should be selected when liquid blowing agents are dissolved into the foam precursor and the foaming is caused by the volatilization of the blowing agent. HCFCs, certain hydrocarbon compounds, and liquid CO2 are all used as physical blowing agents.

For polyurethane foams, the above two blowing options are available in addition to options that include foam reticulation:

  • Blowing agent, […] + foam reticulating should be selected when after the main foaming reaction, the foam structure is modified through foam reticulation to increase its permeability. A flammable substance and ignition is used to perforate and sinter the foam cells.