Guidance and Definitions

Higg MSI Guidance and Definitions Overview

The Higg MSI Guidance and Definitions section provides the following information:

  1. Higg MSI Content Guidance

Detailed guidance and instructions on selecting and customizing materials, trims, and packaging using the Higg MSI.

  1. Higg MSI Communications Guidelines

Guidelines for communicating about Higg MSI processes and outputs to audiences including internal colleagues, external business partners, and consumers.

  1. Higg MSI Methodology Document

Details on the Higg MSI methodological structures, including the normalization method to derive Higg MSI Scores from LCIA midpoint data and the chemistry methodology.

  1. Higg MSI Change Log

An overview of changes to the Higg MSI, including methodology implementation, process updates, and new process additions. This information is updated with each significant revision to the Higg MSI.

  1. Higg MSI API References

An overview of the Higg MSI API, which enables integration between the Higg MSI and company internal systems (such as PLMs).

  1. Higg MSI Glossary

Terminology and definitions used in the Higg MSI How to Higg content.