The Metals Finishing Production Stage covers any additional surface treatments that are used to finish a metal part. The Metals Finishing Production Stage is a multi-select stage and more than one processing option can be selected. All Metals Example Materials share the same Finishing process options.

  • Brushing/buffing, for metals is the default process selection. This process covers the mechanical polishing of the metal, whether matte finished, dull polished (brushed), or mirror finished. While this process is not intended to cover electropolishing or electroplating, using this process is still recommended for these finishing methods to avoid underrepresenting material impacts.
  • Painting, for metals should be selected when the surface of the metal is painted with paints or lacquers to enhance or change the surface color.
  • Powder coated should be selected when a powder coating is applied to the metal part. In this process, pigment and resin are electrostatically deposited on the part before being melted and fused in a curing oven.
  • Blasting, for steel should be selected when attacking a steel surface using blasting agents like sand, rectangular cast iron or glass pearls to clean the surface of a material (remove paint, rust etc. from metal objects).
  • Electrolytic galvanisation, for metals should be selected when a coating of pure zinc is deposited on the surface of a steel part through an electrolytic bath to prevent the metal from rusting.