An Introduction to Product Module

Higg Product Module

Use the Product Module to compare the full lifecycle of products in any category, and understand which processes most determine overall sustainable performance. 

Value of Higg PM

The PM empowers companies to create products with a lower environmental footprint. 

Impacts Measured

The PM quantifies the environmental impacts of product and material manufacturing. The assessment includes the impacts of all materials used in a product, adjusted to the specific amounts of each material used, as well as the impacts from finished goods manufacturing processes. By assessing these impacts, brands, retailers, and manufacturers can produce more sustainable consumer goods. 

The PM shares the same impact categories as the MSI and measures environmental impact in five areas:

  • Global warming
  • Water pollution (eutrophication)
  • Water scarcity
  • Abiotic resource depletion, use of fossil fuels
  • Chemistry

The Higg Product Module also reports the following inventory metrics:

  • Biogenic carbon content
  • Water consumption

The PM also enables users to calculate the Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions of their purchased goods. The second edition will enable users to calculate the impacts from use of sold products and a product’s end-of-life.


The PM requires primary data in some areas (e.g. material composition, material type, amount of materials used, and finished goods processing). Other processing details that aren’t as readily known can be replaced with consistent, science-based assumptions. The PM provides a streamlined scoring approach based on robust data which can pave the way for end user/consumer communications.


The PM provides consistent and comparable environmental impact results that can be analyzed and benchmarked against company and industry averages. 


Publicize how your company uses the PM and share your commitment to developing and selling products with a lower environmental footprint. You may communicate PM scores in accordance with the Higg Index Communications Guidelines.


Additional Features

API Integration

Integrate the PM with your company’s internal product life-cycle management system. With Higg’s application programming interface, your company’s designers and product developers can use the PM on the systems they already use every day to create new products and apply the latest sustainability data to their decision-making process.