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FEM 2023 Brands Getting Started Training

Level 2 Training

Category: Higg FEM 2023 Brands Getting Started Training (Level 2 Training)
Organized by: Worldly
Target Audience: Brands, vendors or large manufacturers who want to roll our FEM in their supply chain.
Date: November 14, 2023

Webinar Description: If you are a brand and you are planning on rolling out Higg FEM to facilities in your supply chain, this training will help you get started. In this training we will cover the following topics: an introduction to the Higg FEM, the methodology and assessment structure, how to prepare for roll out and use the Adoption tool, different data reports available and how to navigate our support resources.


  • Kasja Oostindie, Sustainability Analyst, Worldly
  • Anna Benzin, Customer Success Manager, Worldly