Environment – Chemicals


The Chemicals section asks questions about your company’s approach to identifying, measuring and addressing chemical impacts throughout the value chain. The purpose of these questions is to understand your company’s policies and practices related to chemical management, including how you assess and mitigate potential chemical risks in your operations, supply chain, and products. By evaluating your chemical management program, you can better understand how your company is working to protect human health and the environment from harmful chemicals.

Important disclaimer:

Please note that there are no applicabilities in the questionnaire, this means that even if a user answers “no” to a question, the follow up questions will still apply to the user and result in a point loss. In particular,  if you answered “no/none” to the questions in this section asking if targets have been formally set and approved for a specific impact and/or topic area, the N/A answer option is not available for the related questions asking whether annual milestone targets have been met and whether those have been publicly reported, and you must answer “no”.