FEM Brand Users

An Introduction to Higg FEM

Use the Higg Facility Environmental Module to assess environmental impact of product manufacturing at facilities – from water use, to waste management, to chemical and energy use – in order to identify strengths and uncover areas for improvement. 

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Prepare for FEM Rollout

Understand how to successfully roll out FEM to your supply chain partners, including how to prepare, the process for facilities, and the added value of including Facility Preview in your requirement. 

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Understand FEM Results

Learn how to read and interpret FEM scores, results reports including the GHG emissions report, offline FEM analytics, and how to use the Benchmarking feature.

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FEM Verification

Explore FEM verification, including an overview of the process, approved verifiers, as well as the additional results reports from verified FEMs. 

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Read answers to commonly asked questions. We’re here to help!

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