Additional Resources

1. Verifier Protocol

Learn more about the history behind verification, the goals of verification and additional information to support verifiers through the process.

2. Conflict Resolution Support

Higg FEM Verifications are designed to improve the credibility and comparability of Higg Index scores. However, in the process of verifying Facility Self-Assessments, it is understood that there may be disagreements between the Facility and Verifiers.

This SOP aims to minimize the conflict and to create a pathway towards acceptance of the Verification. It is the hope of Cascale and all stakeholders that all disagreements, questions and concerns can be quickly and efficiently dealt with so that the information can be confidently reviewed and used.

3. Become a FEM Verifier

If you are interested in becoming an Cascale-approved FEM verifier, please learn more and apply here.

Additionally, review the FEM training course for verifiers to prepare for the certification process.

If you are already an Cascale-approved FEM verifier and need to maintain or update your status, please download the information booklets below, which cover the requirements and more information on the verification maintenance program.

4. Verification Quality Assurance Manual

This Quality Assurance Manual describes the quality assurance (QA) activities that are applied for the Cascale Higg FEM Verification Program. QA activities are designed to ensure a qualified pool of Cascale approved verifiers is available to Higg FEM users, and to ensure quality and integrity during the Higg FEM verification process.