Previously Used Product Assessment

Previously Used Product Assessment

Previously used products are products that have already had a previous owner and require refurbishment or renewal to convert back into sellable condition. These products can be assessed in the Higg Product Module in a similar manner to any other new product. After filling in the required fields for a New Product Assessment, checking the “Previously Used Product” box will open up additional information fields that need to be completed.

Weight of Incoming Used Product

The weight of the incoming used product is a required field. Only the weight of the incoming previously used product should be entered here, as any new materials needed for repair or refurbishment should be added to the Bill of Materials. Materials that have not been previously used in a product, such as roll ends or deadstock fabric, are considered new materials and should be added in the Bill of Materials stage. Fabric scraps that have been cut from previously used products can be entered as incoming used product.

Transport of Incoming Used Product

The transportation of the incoming used product requires the user to complete the shipping mode and shipping distance. This functionality works in the same way as Editing Shipping Info. If the transportation details of incoming used product are not known, then a default shipping distance of 500km and shipping mode of truck should be used.