How to Verify My FSLM

What is verification?

FSLM verification confirms that you understood and answered your self-assessment questions correctly. Verification ensures external stakeholders that your data is reliable. FSLM verification process follows the SLCP assessment process. Click here to learn more about the SLCP assessment process.

For a list of approved Higg FSLM verifiers, click here. This list will continue to grow as more individuals complete the verifier application and training process.

What is the difference between FSLM verification and a traditional audit?

The Higg FSLM is not a pass/fail audit. It is simply a means to verify you understood and answered the FSLM self-assessment correctly. Verified data and scores provide trusted information on facility environmental performance, reducing the need for multiple proprietary audits.

For full description and information on the verification process, please visit our FSLM verification page here.

Prepare for Verification

Verification Process

To prepare for FSLM verification, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your Worldly account is linked to your SLCP Gateway account on the platform.
  2. Facilities must first confirm the timing and terms of the verification directly with the verifier organization. Verification confirmation happens outside of the platform (it should be discussed directly with the verifier). View the list of Higg FSLM Verifiers here.
  3. The facility must first fully complete and post their FSLM self-assessment before being able to start verification.

 Once both of the above steps are completed, the verification process can begin.


Verification Process

Connect to the SLCP

Select a Verifying Body

To begin verification, first select the verifier body on the platform. This can be done from the FSLM dashboard by clicking the ‘Select Verifier Body’ button. Make sure to select the Verifier Body that you have already contacted and arranged to complete verification with.

The verifier must then accept the verification request. Once that has been completed, the status will change to ‘Accepted’.

Change the Verifying Body

You can change the selected verifying body if needed, but only before the verifier starts the verification. Once the verification is in progress and the module status changes to VRP, the verifier cannot be changed. 

To change the verifying body, select ‘Change Verifying Body’ and pick a new one from the available options. 

Verifier Completes Verification 

The assigned verifier will then complete the verification process, individually verifying the responses to each question in the assessment. Progress towards completion can be monitored using the progress bar on the FEM dashboard. Once the Verifier has completed verification, there is a quality assurance check that is performed automatically by the SLCP. If some data points seem inaccurate based on the quality check, the verifier will be notified to re-review the question. 

Review and Finalize Verification

Once the verification is complete, the facility will receive an email notification. To complete the process, the facility must review the verification. 

Click the “Review Verification” button under Available Actions tab to review the final verified assessment before posting. You can click “Additional Filter” on the top bar to check the verification result. Note that it is expected for the facility to review the full verified assessment with the verifier prior to the verifier submitting the verification to ensure alignment on any responses that were changed by the verifier.

You then have three options: 

  • Finalize Verified Assessment (VRF): This is a one-time action. Finalizing the verified assessment confirms that you have reviewed the report, discussed issues with the Verifier/Verifier Body, and resolved any issues raised. 
  • Request Edit (VRE): Request the verifier to edit or adjust something in the verification, that doesn’t require a full dispute. 
  • Dispute Verification (VRD): The verification can be disputed if the facility observes a breach of verification protocol or unprofessional/unethical behavior by the Verifier. Please read the Dispute Protocol on to fully understand the next steps.

Question level disagreements cannot be substantiated as a dispute. These should be directly discussed with the Verifier. Note that if a dispute is unsubstantiated the verified module status will be finalized.


Verification Results Reports

There are two additional results reports that are available only for verified FSLM assessments.

Flagged Questions

This report highlights responses that aren’t aligned with legal requirements. This is where you should focus your attention to improve immediately.

Verifier Notification

This report shows questions where the verifier feels the self-assessed answer is inaccurate, or there is no response. This report shows the refID, question, self-assessment response, as well as the verification selection and verifiers corrected response and data.

For the accuracy rate, it is based on the questions verified as “Accurate”.
For the completion rate, it is based on the verification completion by the verifier.