Prepare for the FSLM

SLCP, Cascale, Worldly and the Higg FSLM

The FSLM is built on the converged framework of the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP). The Worldly platform is the only accredited host to the CAF, where you can complete the assessment. The FSLM consists of the CAF content and creates a scored assessment that helps improve social and labor conditions for supply chain workers while reducing audit fatigue for factories around the world. Our partners at Cascale have developed the Higg Index to drive positive change through increased transparency in consumer goods industries. For the Higg FSLM, they have added a scoring layer to the CAF assessment that allows for comparisons and benchmarking.

Set up the FSLM

As a first step to starting the Higg FSLM, ensure that each of the following steps has been completed before starting the assessment.
  1. Create your account on the SLCP Gateway.
  2. Create your account on the Worldly platform.
  3. Add any colleagues or team members who will assist in the module completion process. This can be done from the ‘My Team’ tab in your Worldly account. Review full guidance here.
  4. Make sure you have an active FSLM in your account. If not, review guidance on how to purchase one here.

Prepare for FSLM Completion

Once the account is fully set up, the next step is to prepare to complete the module. This includes engaging with employees, collecting data and documents, and more to ensure that you are prepared to answer all the required questions in the Higg FSLM.

  • Understand time requirements: The time required to complete the Higg FSLM will vary depending on your understanding level of the questions and how much of the required data and information you have already collected prior to starting the module. Typically, it will take between four and six weeks to complete the full module.
  • Engaging colleagues: Make sure that you have engaged the relevant subject matter experts at your facility to complete the Higg FSLM. Below is a checklist of suggested personnel that you can engage to get the most accurate information for each Higg Index Section.